1) They set no goals

People who never set goals never know what they really want,where they really want to be and you obviously do’t want to be a person or be at a place you didn’t plan to be

2) They blame others

they blame others for what ever bad happens to them for example they failed in something instead of taking a lesson from it and moving on easily without causing any problems, they blame people and also destroy their relations with that person. This might be bitter but it is true

3) They make excuses

They make excuses instead of doing the work , like saying they don’t have time for it but they don’t have a plan afterwards as well

4) They believe money is for the selfish and greedy

I obviously don’t need to explain this because people what happens when something not so good happens to us for example ‘cancer’ god forbids but then it will take a lot of wealth to pay the bills of hospital and then surely we need money

5)They can’t build savings

they can’t build savings because of their idiotic urges to buy things which have no role to play in their daily life , they just buy it because they want to , they like it but it would not help them at all

6)They don’t stick to a budget plan

they don’t stick to a budget plan , live paycheck to paycheck , let me help it out here , we should save 30% of our monthly income spend 20% and invest 50% , believe me, try this one month and you’ll comeback & thank me

7) They want to impress others

they simply just want to show off, they spent more than they earn I’ll talk about it later in this blog , they also spend more than they earn , this also is a point saved for later , they own a house/car which they can’t afford these topics also left for later in this blog

8)They make impulse purchases

they make unplanned purchases

9)They don’t know how to invest

they don’t know how to invest , they want immediate money , they think investing is waste of money and they might loose the money they invest

10) They have poor spending habits

they make unplanned purchases,they spend on things which are not important , they spend a lot in showing off

11) They don’t invest in themselves

they never sit with themselves and think about what they want , and if they are going in the right direction in order to find it , they just don’t spend time with themselves or even read a book everyday to improve their knowledge

12) They spend more than they make

I don’t think I need to explain this

13) Their finances aren’t organised

they never organise their finances they never know if how much they are earning is enough or not, they don’t save and neither do they invest

14) They own a car that they can’t afford

they own or rent and tell people that they own it which is showing off/impressing others

15)They own a house they can’t afford

they own or rent and tell people that they own it which is showing off/impressing others

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what are top 10 habits of a successful person ?

  1. They set goals , so that they have a clearer vision of they need ,and if you too want it you should set a goal by simply writing down your desired goal which you want to achieve, they set different timed goals which are daily goals,weekly goals,monthly goals, and yearly goals.
  2. They take responsibilities for their shit (success,failure,mistakes etc.) instead of shaking of the blames from themselves .they take responsibilities and learn from their mistakes and failures and also improve it.
  3. They have great self discipline, what you do when people are around doesn’t matters, what matters is what you do when you are alone, weather you choose to watch funny videos on youtube and go through social media scrolling through thousands of posts which does not matters in your life or , you choose to do something productive which has a value in your life through which you can gain your desired post of success. successful people are always productive when they are alone because they know it’s the best time to be productive.

  4. 4. They are obsessed with self development ,they are always ready to learn new things , to develop their mind , it doesn’t means that you are not satisfied , it’s just human nature . The more you learn the more you’ll earn both financially and spiritually
  5. They read a lot , reading is their common past time , majority of people these days get bored when they sit with themselves just for 2 minutes , just give it a thought you are bored by yourself in just 2 minutes , successful people however just love to spend time alone , reading & growing themselves. If you are not a reader then try audio books , you can play them in your car or listen to them while exercising in the gym.
  6. They manage manage their time well, unsuccessful people usually get stressed or overwhelmed when their are too many tasks on the to-do lists. Successful people keep their most rewarding tasks on the top and least rewarding ones at the end
  7. They take risks, if you don’t buy a ticket you can’t win the raffle , similarly if you don’t take big risks you can’t achieve big rewards. If you fear the failure you won’t reach the top, the greater fear to successful people is that of regret, regret of not taking the step to make it happen.
  8. They keep going when they suffer failure and setbacks, as everyone who tries living their dream will have setbacks will suffer through setbacks, many quit , but the successful don’t and that’s what makes them successful, & especially now they have a comeback story.
  9. They find a way to win, whatever life throws at them they find a way to win, they they dodge it , smash through it , they have the whatever it takes mentality.
  10. They do what they love, doing what you hate for money is not a successful living it’s a torture to the soul .